Favors Behind The Shell

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         I often hear the term just to fill the “sejengkal” in Indonesia, yes stomach when measured using their own hands an inch in length only our hands. Various types of food encountered in everyday life, when it’s hungry ignored the matter of whether or not especially palatable to even think about the nutritional content of food eaten only terpintas important satiety. It is very common for people in general and for myself of course. Irregular eating patterns too often we do because it has become a habit ranging from breakfast, lunch to dinner bad for the health and nutrition obtained body is not absorbed well.
When I lived in with his parents until the age of high school that morning breakfast of rice with fried fish marine sambal Balado, lunch dibawain provision of rice plus fish fry marine sambal Balado again, and nights as well so sometimes we also hobby eat mussels boiled at night considering the area of ​​origin I is a region of lowland coastal bay seafront Sibolga. There are many types of processed food from the sea starting from named ‘roast pacak’ and ‘bake shake’ both of these foods is already very familiar to citizens of Sibolga and for those who have been there or for those who want to visit. Making the menu is not so difficult also not so easy. ‘Bake pacak typically get a snapper then coated in herbs from coconut, chilli, turmeric, lemongrass, tamarind, salt has been refined as a whole and then baked in the coals, then rubbed spices aforesaid with lemongrass surface snapper with ember the spices will be more pervasive and favors. As with the ‘bake shake’ the main ingredient of fish Gambolo Sibolga said person or mackerel people call it, to make it quite carefully by splitting the belly of the fish and cleaned fish fillets so that apart from the bones of fish and fish keeping your skin is not destroyed. After that mix with spices coriander, coconut, turmeric, onion, chili, salt has been smoothed by puffer fish meat. The process is quite complex flavor that has fused with the fish meat is put back into the next fish skin smeared with beaten egg and then fried. Simply make shook his head as the name ‘bake shake’ the cooking by frying not dipanggang.

     Moving the school term should be separated from the parents to the city of Padang here more culinary, until reminded of a sentence if there are people in Padang to the moon could be so open paddock restaurant there. If in Padang rarely eat processed sea seaside territory while also, uniquely in Padang variety of food that I eat like my new ‘fish bilih’ and ‘shells Pensi’ which only exist in the lake Maninjau.

      For processed seafood so much we have encountered throughout the territory of Indonesia, because most of Indonesia is the sea. Tired of the types of processed fish, there are other options such as shrimp, crabs and clams. Here I’ll try to enjoy the kind of processed sea shells, yes indeed for some people there are some types of processed sea foods cause allergies but for myself it does not apply, because I beach boy pacifist who had no relationship with the allergy. It turns out there are various types of shells that can be enjoyed in accordance with the desired taste, hopefully this article useful for us. Thank you.