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This goes so far would find something to be desired only time can determine where the direction and purpose.Then let a moment to breathe fresh air that surrendered with resignation that does not mean do not do business, all sorts of things utterance start strung in writing, sometimes I laugh in silence, or just want to relax the facial muscles are stiff to interpret the antics every utterance, okay i laugh at yourself, other people laugh at me or laugh at others because everyone can assess and give remarks to himself, it’s a funny thing, it turns out he can not take a joke, his seriousness, all kinds of things can happen to laugh in silent.

Be natural as it should be no need to be covered, trying to elegant as possible what it is, so here’s what to do with more time would come to the limits of where your silence, because a drop of dew that fell to the ground, will have meaning for the quietness of the cool morning air.