Dance In The Dance

11 months ago effectrip 0

A pleasant trip to meet with a lot of people some things happen without deliberate manner through makeshift camera to capture the events hope it will not just be a memory. from the heart of the door-to-door from city to city across the ocean all the passes for happiness through sincere. Schedule has been met, the pressure of ink to be sure, to move from word to word into a sentence, some knowledge or history of a person has to know, working in a country should be bold. Now should I say back all that I have to spend, about women, he just teasing.
An endless search for something new and better not give when he has achieved, denunciation of something old and put all hopes on the new one is a vicious circle with the whole reality. Dance under illusion that everyone has the most beautiful places in the belief in the liver. Grateful definitely happy, the patient must have triumphed.
Thought about nature, right to the heart if it stays like this it is still a lot of instincts that were defrauded. Selfish with each other, one another, a human feeling helpless with exhaustion after a day-to-day.