Mount Sinabung dan Gadis Malaysia

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The end of a wonderful year in 2012, and welcoming the year 2013 that tired. Mount Sinabung, become a back story that momentary encounter with a female citizen of Malaysia, January 1, 2013, and Mount Sinabung, North Sumatra-be witnesses. Cute girl, our team departs approximately 23:00 pm from the foot of the mountain, and all the way to the top of the mountain and the forest just rocks rocky and muddy muddy ground. exhaustion finally I and two of my friends to lag behind, and finally we dubbed the trio of snails by the team. because apart from our team can finally followed by her team Malaysia.
When it was my estimate approximately 04.00 am and I’ve been very tired this is where the beginning, I met the girl Malaysia, voluntarily he gives his hand to me and pulled me up and I was not strong enough thought power. Finally I asked what his name was, and he replied Shu, then I tell it like chines name. Then he stepped on and not far from me and then he asked “Awak Siapa Punya Nama” the Malaysian dialeg. Then I said to Fajar, she kept walking and I and my friends behind again, because the darkness I did not notice he was resting, he was sitting on a rock, he said to me: “Nak Tau Cara Menghilangkan Penat” with dialeg Malaysian, and then I said how he shouted at full speed HAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!! then he walked back in, I did not really see his face so clearly. Long story short we finally arrived at the top of the mountain Sinabung approximately 05.30 pm and can see the sunrise on January 1, 2013.
I will break lying to eliminate fatigue, because apart from the team we finally looking team and the team we were close with her team Malaysia. As I walked towards the team then someone called Fajar !!! I was looking at him, and then I asked friends from high school or junior high school ??? then the girl was amazed want to respond to my questions, and then I realized “Jar u think this small world“, where there your college friends here, let alone a high school junior then ask until again, hehehe and it turns out that the girl called me Malaysia. Once reunited with the team, finally approximately 09.00 pm we came down the mountain, then I say go back to the first Malaysian girl yeah, he just smiled. On the way down the mountain, I was met again with the girl Malaysia, I smiled at him and smiled back at me. On arrival at the foot of the mountain I returned back to see the girl ¬†Malaysia. I rested for a moment on a cot provided stall owners, and the girl Malaysia are also in a cottage within the cottage with my cottage. The girl Malaysia has finished his shower and brushed his wet hair he looked at me, and I was just speechless.
Why did not I ask him what the name of facebook, twitter, or email address, or at least her mobile number, it’s all I realized after we headed back to Medan road, and my friends say that ignorance. And until I write this I still remember vividly with him, and could we see again. Mount Sinabung and Girls Malaysia.